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At CaseGlide, we work hard to deliver valuable information and content from industry thought leaders currently helping to shape litigation management’s future.

In case you missed them during the first go-around, below is a list of our most popular blogs, articles, and podcasts from 2021. We hope you find this information helpful and we’ll continue to work to be your go-to source for all things claims litigation management in 2022.

To say that nuclear verdicts are a hot-button issue right now would be an understatement. In this article, we define what a nuclear verdict is, illustrate a few examples of real-life nuclear verdicts, and discuss ways claims professionals can help their organizations by mitigating the risk of a nuclear verdict. Read full article

PODCAST Ep7 with guest John Henley of UPC Insurance

John shares his unique journey and some important words of wisdom that have helped him develop his teams along the way. This podcast focuses on the critical role of claims leadership, mentorship, and how to define both team and individual success in a challenging environment. Listen here

A definitive resource for litigation management software – providing a clear description of the solution and showing how it compares to other claims-related software. We also illustrate the benefits and advantages to different types of users. Read full article

PODCAST Ep10 with guest Taylor Smith of Suite 200 Solutions

In this episode, Wes and Taylor share their predictions for where the industry is headed, as well as things all claims leaders and insurance carriers should be focusing on how to combat the ever-increasing risk of social inflation. Listen here

Reserving is at the core of how an insurance company protects its policyholders and its shareholders. Good reserving practices keep organizations solvent, help to avoid bulk-reserve charges, and can free up highly needed capital. Review metrics that allow companies to arrive at an actual predicted number. Read full article

PODCAST Ep11 with guest Matt Margolis of Lloyd Jones

In this episode, Matt breaks down the current state of the insurance defense market and the challenges new and current defense attorneys face. He offers listeners an open account of inherent industry challenges and some tips on how to best navigate those waters. Listen here

The future of claims litigation management is rooted in outcome-driven decisions, made possible by copious amounts of structured data and analytics. See the most important litigation metrics to help improve case outcomes. Read full article

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