Close cases faster and
with better outcomes

A claims litigation management software solution that drives efficiency, delivers insight and reduces costs

Ready to see how?

Close cases faster and with better outcomes

A claims litigation management software solution that drives efficiency, delivers insight and reduces costs

Ready to see how?

Align around case strategies and reduce friction

Transform how your
claims professionals and attorneys work together

Close cases faster with positive outcomes and reduce costs through collaboration.

Make better,
more informed decisions

Increased visibility into claim status, costs, firm performance, venues and more.

Experience substantial
fee savings

Billing compliance made easy with proactive workflows, configurable rules and automated bill review.

Stop relying
on email

Drive collaboration and resolve litigated files more efficiently, more quickly and with better outcomes

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Here's how you win with CaseGlide


Attorneys proactively manage cases, reducing your team's workload.

Process Control

Claims professionals manage case strategies, tasks and statuses.


You close cases faster with better outcomes and save on costs.

Shouldn’t your claims litigation
management software make life easier?

We think so, too.

Improved Matter Management

Improve and structure the way your attorneys provide critical information to you, resulting in actionable data for reporting and case management.

Attorney Scorecards

Analyze objective and subjective data about attorney performance to make data-driven decisions.

Reporting and Analytics

Utilize configurable dashboards and flexible reporting to gain insight into your claims litigation efforts.

E-Billing and Legal Bill Compliance

Achieve legal spend control and drive compliance with transparent reporting to best control costs.

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“CaseGlide has changed the way I practice law. It improved communication, but CaseGlide offered a lot more. The ability to generate reports across all my firm’s cases, the ease with which I can track case activity; and CaseGlide’s use of key analytic metrics changed the way we practiced.“

Jason Wolf | Shareholder
Parafinczuk Wolf Susen
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CaseGlide provides insurers with the pro’s way of managing a leading litigation department. CaseGlide’s operational efficiencies and analytics are the tools our leadership team needs to drive the litigation department towards success.

American Traditions
Insurance Company
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“CaseGlide has been a game-changer for our team. Documenting client communication can often be time consuming, but the CaseGlide platform makes it seamless and organized. No matter if the case changes hands within the firm or the client, there are no interruptions or lost records.”

Hope Zellinger | Partner
Bressler Amery Ross
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CaseGlide provides us with the tools to drive consistency and accountability with disparate legal service providers. With a streamlined case management process, our litigation case managers have greatly increased efficiency in litigation handling, reporting and resolution.

Tower Hill
Insurance Group
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“CaseGlide offers a platform which allows us to communicate effectively with our clients throughout each legal struggle until the battle has ended. Plus, CaseGlide provides our insurer clients with advanced metrics, trends, and statistics that are unparalleled in the defense market.”

Tom Diana | Partner
Zinober Diana
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CaseGlide enables executives to spend more time doing what they’re great at, while leaving the litigation processes and analytics to the experts. Since implementing CaseGlide, we’ve dropped our average litigation expenses by over $7,000 per case, which in large part is due to our ability to close five times as many cases per month than when we started.

Prepared Insurance Company
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“How does a client get that information? CaseGlide. How does a client identify leakage in claims and litigation? CaseGlide. What is a defense lawyer’s best management tool? CaseGlide.”

Kim Salmon | Partner
Gorelle & Salmon
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“CaseGlide quiets a lot of the “noise” in litigation so my team can focus on getting cases closed for our clients.”

Aram Megarlan | Partner
Cole Scott & Kissane
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