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About us

At CaseGlide, our mission is to provide claims professionals and their attorneys the innovation they need to be more effective and proactive.

Why CaseGlide?

CaseGlide was founded in 2013 by Wesley and Carly Todd, two claims industry veterans with extensive experience in insurance defense law. Having experienced firsthand the inefficiencies, high costs and negative case outcomes plaguing the industry, they chose to do something about it. CaseGlide was created to do one thing well – be the most innovative, efficient and powerful claims litigation software platform in the industry.

Most claims leaders and their staff struggle to increase efficiency and improve case outcomes in their litigation departments. Relationships with defense law firms can be strained by ineffective communication and misaligned case strategies. Critical documents and correspondence can be lost or difficult to obtain due to reliance on email as the sole communication technology. And a general lack of data and analytics leave leadership struggling to understand how their departments are performing or repeat positive attorney selection and case outcomes.

CaseGlide, a unified claims litigation software solution, takes case data out of individual emails and puts it into workflows and dashboards. This collaborative, data-rich platform helps claims professionals and insurance defense lawyers be more successful by closing more cases faster, reducing indemnity and making decisions fueled by comprehensive case data.

CaseGlide today

Today, CaseGlide helps claims organizations across the U.S. reduce legal spend and loss costs and lower cycle times. Equally important, we help claims professionals restore control of their day-to-day activities so they can stay focused on what they do best – closing cases.

CaseGlide is the most innovative and fastest-growing claims litigation management software solution in the claims industry.

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