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E-Billing and Legal Invoice Management Case Study

The Challenge

A large multi-state insurance organization had no process for invoice management. Law firms submitted their invoices via e-mail, and then litigation adjusters manually reviewed and approved.

Tracking thousands of invoices received, for a company of this size was no small feat. Like many legal teams without a platform to manage invoices, the claims department was losing valuable time to a highly manual invoicing process. Invoices not being tracked forced management to find a solution that would ensure all invoices would be tracked and meet company billing guidelines.

In March of 2018, a new litigation executive was hired to lead the claims department and curtail legal spend.

The CaseGlide Solution

The new executive wasted no time in facilitating a new strategy for the legal department, which was an important first step in transforming the legal department. “We were all in agreement that things needed to change, and we knew that we couldn’t do it alone.” The executive explained. “We needed to transform the way things are being done. This new mindset got us all on the same page about what we needed to accomplish. Once we identified where the problems lay, we were ruthless in our approach to solving them.”

Like any transformation, choosing the right partners are key to ensuring success. The executive undertook an extensive journey to find the right vendor, interviewing dozens of companies. He asked not only about the features and functionality but about each company’s product roadmap and their vision for the future of legal services.

The executive knew after the first meeting with CaseGlide that he had found the provider he needed. “We knew from the start that CaseGlide was not just a vendor, but a partner who would be committed to our success as we were. We were impressed with CaseGlide team’s effort to understand our problems and work to deliver a solution that would fit with our strategy.”

He knew that to be successful, an e-billing solution must reduce manual effort, increase visibility into legal spend, and provide detailed reporting.

CaseGlide’s e-billing and legal spend platform provided us with a simple and intuitive process for reviewing, adjusting, and approving invoices,” the executive said.

Legal spend experts from CaseGlide set up a system to help screen invoices using a custom rules engine to ensure they were following the company’s billing guidelines. If they did not meet the specified criteria, those invoices were flagged for manual review. Invoices that did not contain guideline errors were passed directly to accounts payable via an integration. By streamlining the invoice submission and review process, CaseGlide’s e-billing platform freed the litigation adjusters from hours spent reviewing invoices.

Along with process efficiencies, CaseGlide gave the organization total visibility of their legal spend, vendors, and budgets for the first time. With electronic invoices and a system of record specifically set up for the legal department, they now have:

  • A record of what is paid and when
  • Ability to view invoices next to the work product
  • Visibility into outside counsel rates
  • Reports to track spend


By utilizing CaseGlide’s e-billing and legal bill review platform, the executive was able to implement an efficient spend management process and provide transparency into legal spend for the organization.

“Our legal department can now see where every dollar is being spent and proactively manage our outside law firms, ensuring work is given to the most efficient firms, “said the executive. “The combination of innovation, automation, and process enhancement has helped us transform our legal department and achieve a ROI we never thought possible.”

With CaseGlide’s e-billing platform, the organization eliminated many of their manual processes with automation. Enhanced reporting provided the organization insight into spend data, allowing executives to make better strategic decisions for the business.

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