The Litigation Management Podcast
The Litigation Management Podcast
Ep:11 Succeeding in the Insurance Defense Market

Ep11: Succeeding in the Insurance Defense Market

In this episode of the LMP, we interview Matt Margolis, Director of Legal and Risk Management at a leading private equity group. He breaks down the current state of the insurance defense market and the challenges new and current defense attorneys face. Matt offers listeners an open account of inherent industry challenges and some tips on how to best navigate those waters.

Matt delivers a refreshing, unfiltered, and often humorous outline of everyday challenges for defense attorneys. Those tuning in on the claims side will get an insider’s view of what their partner defense counsel has to overcome to be successful.

Meet the Hosts
Wesley Todd, CEO of CaseGlide – LinkedIn
Matt Margolis, Director of Legal & Risk Management at Lloyd Jones – LinkedIn | TikTok

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