Broadspire and CaseGlide – a winning solution
for your customers.

CaseGlide provides a unified claims litigation management software solution for Broadspire customers, designed to increase efficiency, delivering important claims data, and ultimately reduce costs.

The goal is all about aligning defense attorney resources and your customer’s claims strategy to close cases faster and decrease their indemnity and legal costs.

CaseGlide's design is for Broadspire claims teams to work proactively with attorneys in a SaaS-based platform that takes the place of cumbersome email communications, houses all important case documents in one easy-to-access location and enforces configurable workflows to ensure everyone is working together to close cases more effectively.

CaseGlide is easy to implement, handles all the training for both Broadspire claims teams and outside defense attorneys, and provides your customer insight into their claims programs like never before.

Let's get started!

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We’ll set up an exploratory meeting with you to discuss your customer in detail and understand best their needs and challenges.

We’ll then conduct an in-depth product demonstration for your customer’s team to show them exactly how the platform works and the value we bring.

Here’s a collection of product brochures you can use to socialize the CaseGlide solution with your customers:

CaseGlide Overview Brochure
CaseGlide Reporting Brochure
CaseGlide E-Billing Brochure
CaseGlide Attorney Scorecards Brochure

Here's a presentation deck you can use to highlight the value of the Broadspire/CaseGlide relationship to your customers.

Broadspire/CaseGlide Presentation Deck

Contact Will Parkhurst at CaseGlide today and let’s get started.