The Litigation Management Podcast
The Litigation Management Podcast
Ep6: The Next Phase of Legal Bill Review

Ep6: The Next Phase of Legal Bill Review

Join Wesley Todd, CEO of CaseGlide and Allan Rotlewicz, Partner at  Rumberger | Kirk, as they discuss the legal bill review process and alternative methods for reducing legal fees. Allan provides listeners a unique perspective as a  leading attorney who’s spent his career on both sides of the industry – general counsel for a large property and casualty carrier and partner in a leading outside defense firm. 

Wes and Allan also discuss why claims organizations are trending away from e-billing software and adopting a more holistic approach to attorney performance and actionable data.

Reliance on the invoice alone represents a narrow view of the case and does little to provide insight into performance or improve processes in the future.

Meet the Hosts
Wesley Todd, CEO of CaseGlide – LinkedIn
Allan Rotlewicz, Partner at Rumberger | Kirk – LinkedInWebsite

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