We started CaseGlide because we believed the industry needed a solution built by experts. Our team includes claims litigation experts, lawyers, paralegals, and other industry professionals.

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Chief Operations Officer

Chief Strategy Officer

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Director of Client Solutions

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As former claims defendant lawyers, we started CaseGlide because we believed the industry needed a solution built by experts. Our team includes claims litigation experts, lawyers, paralegals, and other industry professionals.

headshot of Wes Todd

Wesley Todd

Chief Executive Officer

Wesley has spent his entire career helping claims organizations and law firms manage litigation. 

Prior to starting CaseGlide, Wesley represented the world’s largest insurance companies as an attorney at one of the largest insurance defense law firms in the country-Cole, Scott & Kissane, P.A. While representing dozens of the top claims organizations in the United States, Wesley saw how chaotic claims litigation departments were. He realized there was a better way to manage claims litigation. 

As the Chief Executive Officer, Wesley leads CaseGlide’s strategic vision. He focuses on ensuring that the CaseGlide platform continues to be the best fit and value for claims departments. He also focuses on ensuring CaseGlide has the most talented people in the industry.

headshot of Carly Todd

Carly Todd

Chief Operations Officer

Carly has dedicated her entire career to solving organizations’ biggest claims litigation challenges. 

Prior to leading operations at CaseGlide, Carly had a stellar career as a corporate litigator. She was the associate general counsel at a national healthcare organization, where she managed the legal operations, including insurance, risk management, contracts, labor and employment, operations, transactions, regulatory matters, intellectual property, and compliance. Before that, she was a litigation associate at one of the largest law firms in the world, Holland & Knight.

At CaseGlide, Carly leads all internal and client-facing operations, including product development, client success, human resources, and finance. She is responsible for continuing CaseGlide’s product innovations in legal spend management. She also oversees CaseGlide’s client success team by ensuring each client meets their objectives and obtains optimal value from CaseGlide.

headshot of Irv Cohen

Irv Cohen

Chief Strategy Officer

After spending over thirty years as an executive for the Wall Street banks and large private conglomerates, Irv now lends his wealth of knowledge and expertise to CaseGlide as its Chief Strategy Officer. 

While on Wall Street, Irv managed breakthrough technology transitions that changed the finance world forever – process enhancements, business intelligence, project management, and analytics. Additionally, he was responsible for ensuring that his companies achieved impressive returns on each technology investment. His passion for business innovation helped him climb to the top of Wall Street. He has held numerous senior management positions for some of the largest financial institutions in the world. 

As CaseGlide’s Chief Strategy Officer, Irv ensures CaseGlide’s technology and strategy meets its clients’ high expectations. He is responsible for aligning CaseGlide’s product and growth visions with the claims market’s most pressing needs.


Michael Reed

Director of Engineering

Michael has over twenty years of experience in technology.

Prior to joining CaseGlide, Michael managed teams of development engineers in several different industries.  He mentored and worked side-by-side with developers to build several complex applications that are still in use today.

As CaseGlide’s Director of Engineering, Michael is responsible for continuing the growth of technology, by ensuring best practices are used and anticipating future technical needs. He will also focus on integrations with strategic partners to help increase value to clients.

headshot of kathryn lee

Kathryn Lee

Director of Client Solutions

Katie has over twenty combined years of experience in the litigation and technology industries. 

Prior to joining CaseGlide, Katie helped manage product development and implementations at a litigation management software company. She tackled the complex challenges of bringing technology to dozens of claims departments for the first time, and helping some departments transition from one provider to another. Before that, Katie spent years managing complex litigation as a paralegal at a successful litigation firm.

As CaseGlide’s Director of Client Solutions, Katie ensures the alignment of CaseGlide and its clients. She engineers a client experience to help claims professionals succeed with technology despite the overwhelming burdens they face managing claims.

headshot of silvie tucker

Silvie Tucker

Director of Client Solutions

Silvie brings more than fifteen years of legal experience to the CaseGlide team. 

Prior to joining CaseGlide, Silvie was a paralegal at one of the largest insurance defense law firms in the United States, Cole, Scott & Kissane P.A. Silvie began her career as an attorney for Dewey Ballantine in the Czech Republic. While practicing at these law firms, she identified the data and operational chaos present in claims litigation. 

Silvie left her successful career in the legal services field to start CaseGlide’s Client Success department. As a CaseGlide user while working at Cole, Scott & Kissane, P.A., she saw the value of CaseGlide’s legal spend management software and wanted to help ensure claims departments and law firms optimized their use of CaseGlide. In her current role, she helps implement new CaseGlide clients and proactively manages their achievement of their objectives.

headshot of andrea stachnik

Andrea Stachnik

Director of Analytics

Andrea Stachnik brings 15 years of experience in data analytics and reporting.

Prior to joining CaseGlide, Andrea led the financial planning and analysis team for Barry Callebaut, a multinational food manufacturer.  She managed her team of analysts to provide forecasting, budgeting and financial presentations to the senior leadership in North America and to the executive team in Europe.

As CaseGlide’s Director of Analytics, Andrea manages reporting for the Client Success team at CaseGlide. She focuses on providing valuable analytics insights to CaseGlide clients in order to maximize savings, minimize risk, and harness the power of CaseGlide to run a more efficient litigation department.

Andrea graduated magna cum laude from Loyola University of Chicago in finance and economics. She is also serves as President of the Board of Directors for Namaste Direct, a non-profit providing business education and advisory services to women entrepreneurs in Guatemala.

headshot of Nick Kosarzycki

Nick Kosarzycki

Operations Project Lead

Nick brings more than a decade of experience in automation, management and marketing to CaseGlide. 

Prior to joining CaseGlide, Nick spent time in the healthcare industry developing efficiency enhancements for insurance software.

AWatson headshot

Alastair Watson

Vice President of Marketing

Alastair brings over 20 years of marketing leadership experience to CaseGlide.

Prior to joining CaseGlide, Alastair lead marketing, business development and vendor management for the Southeast’s largest managed IT, security and cloud services provider.  Prior to that he held marketing and revenue operations leadership roles at YourMembership.com and Community Brands, the nation’s largest provider of membership management technology and solutions.  Additionally, he lead the international marketing operation for First Advantage, the world’s largest background screening and HR services provider.

As CaseGlide’s Vice President of Marketing, Alastair oversees the marketing and business development team, managing strategy and execution for all key marketing components, driving top-of-funnel and sales development efforts.


William Parkhurst

Director of Strategic Partnerships

Will is a talented sales professional with an entrepreneurial bent.

Prior to CaseGlide, Will graduated from the University of South Florida with a bachelor’s degree in finance. Being technology-minded, he sought opportunities in the fintech world and settled at TriPayments, a payment gateway company as a product manager. He later went on to co-found an IVR technology company, a small batch sci-fi/fantasy book press, and an eCommerce technology consultancy firm. He has managed cross-functional, international teams, built sales pipelines of millions of dollars of revenue and worked with many technology platforms.

Will is singularly focused on partnering CaseGlide with insurers, corporations, and other insurtech firms.