CaseGlide Announces the Launch of “The Litigation Management Podcast”

CEO Wesley Todd to host first-ever podcast focused on claims litigation management

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. – June 2, 2021 CaseGlide, LLC, the nation’s leading provider of claims litigation management software for claims organizations, announced today the launch of The Litigation Management Podcast, a new industry podcast for claims professionals featuring insights on claims innovation, technology and industry transformation. 

Hosted by CaseGlide Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder, Wesley Todd, The Litigation Management Podcast offers listeners insider access into the world of claims litigation management, touching on the most salient and timely topics in the industry. 

“Although there are a number of groups and associations that do a great job of bringing the claims and litigation management communities together at conferences and through webinars, no one out there is speaking directly to these audiences in this way,” Todd said. “Our goal with the podcast is to regularly bring together thought leaders throughout the claims ecosystem, provide candid conversations with them about the current and future state of the industry, and to deliver content that informs in a format that our listeners can consume at their leisure.” 

Each episode of the podcast, which is scheduled to be released at least once per month, will include an interview between Todd and an industry thought leader. 

The podcast’s debut episode—titled “The Future Landscape of Claims Litigation”—features thought leader and fellow podcast host, Nick Lamperelli. In that episode, Todd and Lamperelli discuss the new wave of insurance innovation, including how insurers and litigation leaders can best use the immense amount of data available to them, and how technology and cutting-edge marketing techniques are changing the face of the insurance and claims litigation marketplace. 

Other guests set to appear on the podcast include Matt Queen, U.S. Claims Vendor Manager at one of the country’s largest leading specialist insurers; Rick Merrill, CEO and founder of Gavelytics; and Alex Meisner, Director of Innovation at Snapsheet. 

The Litigation Management Podcast is available now via the CaseGlide website and on Spotify, Stitcher, Amazon Music, Audible and Google Podcasts. 

“The field of claims litigation management is rapidly evolving, driven by technology, innovation and the availability of immense amounts of data,” Todd added. “We want this podcast to be a trusted source that those in the industry can turn to when they want news and opinions that affect their day-to-day.” 

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About CaseGlide

Headquartered in St. Petersburg, Florida, CaseGlide was founded in 2013 by Wesley and Carly Todd, two claims industry veterans with extensive experience in insurance defense law. Having experienced firsthand the inefficiencies, high costs and negative case outcomes plaguing the industry, they chose to do something about it. CaseGlide was created to do one thing well—be the most innovative, efficient and powerful claims litigation software platform in the industry. 

CaseGlide, a unified claims litigation software solution, takes case data out of individual emails and puts it into workflows and dashboards. This collaborative, data-rich platform helps claims professionals and insurance defense lawyers be more successful: to close more cases faster, reduce indemnity and make decisions fueled by comprehensive case data. 

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